Promotion of the
Hospital Dietitian

The Hospital Dietitian Interest Group aims
to promote the special scope of practise of the
hospital dietitian within the medical sector as
the only professionals who is able to assess,
implement, monitor and evaluate nutritional
therapy in the hospital setting.

Protection of the
Hospital Dietitian

With the changing environment in the
healthcare sector in South Africa, it is
important that the hospital dietitian is protected,
not only to retain our careers but also to ensure
that South African patients will have enhanced
care in years to come.

Empowering the
Hospital Dietitian

The Hospital Dietitian Interest Group is in the
process of setting up additional training for
dietitians wanting to work in the hospital
setting and in future even accredit these
training events.

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The Hospital Dietitians Interest Group is an initiative that was created to promote, protect and empower the special scope of practise of a dietitian working in the hospital setting. As this is a challenging environment to work in the group aims to alleviate and solve everyday problems for the hospital dietitian to ensure that this special scope of practise is sustained and that the patient receives the best care always.

Adapted from Beth Taylor, Anne Renfro and Lisa Mehringer…“The scope of practice of the hospital dietitians defines them as clinicians, educators and researchers. Their skillset is a unique and vital component of the intensivist-led multidisciplinary intensive care unit team.

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